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Play with the new energy future Jiaxing will become a

author:Play with the new energy future Jiaxing will become a "green city"! time:2019-05-30

"Our electric car can be charged at any time and anywhere in the countryside, convenient and affordable!" Last weekend, Mr. Chen and his family from Hangzhou drove to Liangjiadun, Dingqiao Town, Haining City, which is the landmark of Nethong. When they had a meal at a farmer's leisure, their electric car came back to life.

It also benefits from the energy internet. At the end of 2017, Jiaxing City Energy Internet Comprehensive Pilot Demonstration Project was officially launched. Jiaxing is gradually transforming into a low-carbon energy Internet city with clean energy, efficient power grid, green transportation, low-carbon buildings and smart energy.

Constructing a New Energy Supply and Demand Balance System

In 2017, the first 55 demonstration projects of "Internet + Intelligent Energy" were announced by the State Energy Administration, of which 12 were integrated demonstration projects of urban energy internet. Zhejiang Jiaxing City Energy Internet Comprehensive Pilot Demonstration Project jointly declared by Zhejiang Electric Power Co. Ltd. and Jiaxing People's Government has become one of the 12 comprehensive demonstration projects.

"This means the arrival of a period of urban development with clean and efficient energy use." Zhou Ziqiang, Vice President of Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. The demonstration project includes infrastructure and research and development of integrated energy service platform. It will take the big data sharing platform of urban energy as the core and the smart and efficient grid as the support, improve and integrate infrastructure in clean energy, low-carbon buildings, intelligent electricity, green transportation and other fields, and realize low-carbon energy conservation, information sharing, supply-demand interaction and open mode of new energy with multi-resources coordination. The balance system of supply and demand will form a replicable Zhejiang model, which can be popularized and replicated. Finally, the Zhejiang model of "low-carbon energy-saving, information sharing, supply and demand interaction" will be formed, and a benchmark will be set up to replicate and promote in a wider range.

What are the benefits of energy Internet to Jiaxing? Distributed photovoltaic power generation is no stranger to Jiaxing. The application of photovoltaics reduces the power load to a certain extent. In the future, the technology of ground source heat pump, water source heat pump and combined cooling, heating and power supply will further improve the energy efficiency and the proportion of clean energy utilization. Taking ground source heat pump as an example, because the underground temperature is high, if we want to use heating in winter, we can first introduce water with only a few degrees Celsius under normal temperature into the underground, use geothermal energy to heat water first, then use electricity to heat, then heating to the prescribed temperature, the electricity consumption will be greatly reduced, not only reducing the electricity load, but also making full use of the clean energy of geothermal energy.

"Simply put, the urban energy Internet is to take electricity as the center, use energy more wisely and efficiently, and establish a platform for interconnection, comprehensive utilization, optimization and sharing. The construction of urban energy Internet is a green, low carbon, safe and efficient modern energy ecosystem based on smart grid, with "Internet +" as the means and power as the main carrier. Zhou Ziqiang told reporters that after the start of the pilot demonstration project of Jiaxing City Energy Internet in Haining, Zhejiang Province, more than 100 million yuan will be invested and implemented step by step. "The project has passed the appraisal, and will be bidding and technical research and development according to the regulations, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019."

Haining will take the lead in building an energy Internet City

"Given that Haining has a solid foundation for urban energy Internet construction, we will eventually pilot in Haining." Zhou Jianqi, Deputy Engineer of Jiaxing Power Supply Company of State Grid, said. Haining has abundant renewable energy resources such as solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy and so on. Wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation are growing rapidly. Various energy infrastructure construction is in the forefront, and finally the project is settled in Haining.

"The demonstration project mainly includes Haining demonstration project of active distribution network, distributed photovoltaic power generation project of Jianshan New Area, Haining'Million Household Roof Photovoltaic Project'and Haining Household Roof Photovoltaic Grid Connection Supporting Project. Zhou Jianqi's introduction.

On the roof of the residents'houses in Dongpeng Community, Yuanhua Town, Haining City, a large number of photovoltaic panels shine brightly, continuously converting solar energy into electricity. Not far from the center of a distribution room, a row of neat large capacity batteries shows its difference from other distribution rooms.

"The whole distribution room is like a huge charging treasure, but its electric energy comes directly from the solar energy, so it is a"super solar charging treasure". State Grid Zhejiang Haining Power Supply Co., Ltd. technician Zhu Xin introduced. Last year, the province's first residential photovoltaic energy storage power station was built and put into operation in Haining.

At the same time, the green traffic construction in Haining has begun to take shape. At present, 28 charging stations and 292 charging piles have been built. There are 53 electric car rental power stations and 305 charging piles for Universal Vehicle. They are mainly distributed in high-speed service areas, public parking lots and stadiums. It is planned that 1000 charging piles will be completed in three years to form a 2 km charging service circle for urban electric vehicles. ” Zhou Jianqi said.

In the future, on the basis of the existing grid structure in Jianshan New Area, Jiaxing City will pilot the implementation of active distribution network in Haining to achieve "win-win" among supervision, generation, power grid and users, and provide a replicable "Zhejiang Model" for the development of new energy and high permeability regional grid. In addition, a new energy business model and mechanism will be established to support the economic and social transformation and development with a more scientific and rational energy consumption structure. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of intelligent residential areas, intelligent buildings, new energy vehicles and other projects, and comprehensively and effectively develop comprehensive low-carbon urban services and applications.

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