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Solid oxide fuel cell project focus on the difficulty of charging Fill it up for 15

author:Solid oxide fuel cell project focus on the difficulty of charging Fill it up for 15 固体氧化物燃料电池项目聚焦充电难 充满一次15分钟 time:2019-05-30

Pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are becoming popular, but charging is a big problem: charging pile is difficult to install, charging station is difficult to find, charging time is too long.

A company founded by former employees of PetroChina and China Aviation Group and associate professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University tried to convert oil and gas from gas stations to electricity directly.

"The solid oxide fuel cell developed by us is suitable for the ready-made fuel supply system of automobiles, turning the gas station into a charging station, making the charging of automobiles as convenient and fast as refueling." Qin Jiangyang, president of Shanghai Zhongfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., said in the recent selection of the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shanghai Competition Area) National Competition.

Purchase Jiaotong University Patents to Complete Layout

The head of the Innovation Service Department of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission said that the 2017 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Shanghai had ended, with 6940 effective entries, 16 districts in the city hosting sub-contest areas, 74 new innovation organizations as contest points, providing 263 training services for participants, forming a service chain covering the city.

The mode of "on-site roadshow + technology online evaluation" is adopted in the selection of city competitions: the judges of on-site roadshow are teams of investment experts, which build a platform for participants to face to face with investors; on-site technical evaluation relies on the professional vision of scientific and technological experts, focusing on "hard technology" innovation and tapping enterprises with core competitiveness. A total of 1810 enterprises have been awarded innovative funds, with a capital of about 380 million yuan.

Recently, the national championship selection contest "sounded" at four competition points such as Xinze incubator. The top 515 enterprises were recommended to participate in the competition in Shanghai. About 250 enterprises will be selected to participate in the national industry competition. Sino-Frenchman New Energy is one of the participating companies. It was founded in October last year. Although it is very young, the founder team has decades of research and development history. Qin Jiangyang worked for PetroChina before joining a Nasdaq listed company. There, he met Zhang Xiucheng, a veteran of China Aviation Group, and became interested in fuel cells. In the course of cooperative research and development, they also met Tu Hengyong, an expert on solid oxide fuel cells and associate professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University. "Nowadays, the government and universities encourage researchers to take part-time jobs and start businesses, so I am the chief scientist of new energy in China and France." Tu Hengyong said.

In May this year, Sino-Frenchman New Energy purchased Tu Hengyong's patented "Metal Supported Semi-Battery of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Its Preparation Method" from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Previously, China-France New Energy has applied for 6 national invention patents and 12 utility model patents, which cover the core components of fuel cells. In this way, the company has completed the layout of patent technology, and has also realized the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Colleges and universities.

Hope to get investment through competition

What is a solid oxide fuel cell? Tu Hengyong said that it is a power generation device that directly converts the chemical energy of fuel into electric energy. Unlike traditional power generation technology, this fuel cell does not burn in the process of energy conversion, so it does not produce pollution, and the conversion efficiency is about twice as high as that of traditional gas turbine.

Because solid oxide fuel cells can be used for military purposes, developed countries restrict exports to China. After years of technological research and development, the founding team of Sino-Frenchman New Energy has finally broken through the key technologies and developed a prototype of "New Energy Vehicle Super Charging System Device" without using precious metals. When 1 liter of gasoline, diesel or 1 standard natural gas is imported into the device, 5 degree direct current can be output. It has many uses. Zhongfu New Energy decided to apply it to gas stations and gas stations first. By installing the new energy vehicle super charging system device, the gas station network will have the function of charging pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

As a user of electric vehicles, Qin Jiangyang has a deep understanding of the inconvenience of charging vehicles. "I have a fixed parking space in the residential area. In order to install charging piles, I have gone through a year's process without installing them. Fortunately, there are charging piles in Zizhu National High-tech Zone where our company is located, but it takes 4 hours to charge them quickly. Compared with this, the charging speed of the new energy vehicle supercharging system device is much faster, and it only takes 15-20 minutes to charge the car.

Made in China 2025 proposes that the annual sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 3 million by 2025. How to make charging more convenient? How can pure electric cars run long distances? These have become urgent problems to be solved. Experts said that the installation of new energy vehicle super charging system device in the gas station network can make full use of existing resources to solve the problem, and is worth popularizing and applying.

By participating in the International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of "Starting a Business in Shanghai", Sino-French New Energy has attracted many investors'interest. "We are making a round A financing of tens of millions of dollars, hoping to get investment through the competition, so as to establish production line as soon as possible." Qin Jiangyang said, "If we qualify for the national competition, it will be more beneficial to our financing." It is reported that three pilot projects of the new energy vehicle supercharging system device are being carried out in Zizhu National High-tech Zone, Shanghai Minhang District Electric Bus Station and Zhanjiang Zhonghai Oil Gas Station. They are scheduled to be put into operation by the end of this year.

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